Tujko concrete

As part of the technical and construction stone "Rudine", the company has factories for the production of concrete for its own needs and market needs.

Due to the desire for innovation and improvement of the current situation, the company "TUJKO" invested in the beginning of 2013 and opened a new, unique in this area, an automated concrete plant "HB 1000/1500" with a capacity of 60 m³ / h.

Thanks to more than a positive experience with the aforementioned concrete plant, as well as because of the desire to increase the production capacity of concrete, another modern, automated concrete factory "MCF RFBS 1125/750" with a capacity of 40 m³ / h was opened in 2018.

The capacity of both concrete factories is 100m³ / h of finished concrete that meets all standards of concrete in the demanding construction industry.

The company TUJKO uses high-quality cement in its production process, the manufacturer CEMEX (www.cemex.me), a global leader in the construction material sector, has been known in our area for decades for its roof brand Dalmacijacement.

In addition to quality cement, "TUJKO" also uses high quality chemical additives for concrete, manufactured by SIKA (https://srb.sika.com).

"Tujko" in the offer has:


Standard and pumped concrete with different pressure classes: C 8/10 (MB 10), C 12/15 (MB 15), C 16/20 (MB 20), C 20/25 (MB 25), C 25 / 30 (MB 30), C 30/37 (MB 35 and MB 40), C 35/45 (MB 45), C 40/50 (MB 50), C 45/55 (MB 55), C 50/60 (MB 60).


Special concrete with different pressure classes are offered due to market specificities and they were created as a result of the use of new technologies in the preparation of concrete:

  • Waterproof concrete is resistant to water penetration under certain pressure and is used most often for foundations and places where water penetration through concrete should be avoided.
  • Concrete resistant to cold and combined frost and salt is used when concrete surfaces are exposed to weather and climatic effects (snowfall) and when the temperature of the concrete surfaces can be lowered below zero.
  • Self-adhesive concrete (SCC) are concrete with good spillage and self-defecation properties that are mainly used for walls, pillars and other places where, due to densely arranged reinforcement and thin cross-sections, it is not possible to use concrete vibrators. The advantage of these concrete is faster installation, when vibration is not vibrated, noise is reduced, and after removal of the formwork, an extremely smooth and homogeneous surface is achieved.
  • Concrete for quick removal of formwork is used in those situations when, due to the nature of the work, it is necessary to remove the formwork after a few days and up to a few hours from the installation of concrete.
  • Concrete reinforced fibers are used for industrial floors (industrial halls, shopping centers, warehouses), tunnels, fireproof structures, precast concrete elements.

The advantages of using these concrete are: simple and quick installation, higher mechanical impact resistance, lower susceptibility to cracking and cracking, resistance to later crack formation and increased fire resistance of concrete.

Types of fiber: Steel fibers, plastic fibers, glass fibers, carbon and natural fibers.

  • Jet-sprayed concrete (torkret), which is installed by spraying a dry or damp mixture into which the accelerator is added at the mounting point and under pressure it is pushed through special nozzles and directed to the substrate.

Sprayed concrete is mainly used for fixing tunnel, wall and slope vaults, for repairs and renovations.

  • Lightweight concrete with a reduced volume of concrete is used for low load bearing areas for thermal insulation, light constructions (ceilings, walls, slabs), prefabricated products, for leveling the floor layers and for filling.
  • Semi-concrete concrete for the production of precast concrete products is used for concrete pavement blocks, curbs, garden accessories, concrete blocks and pipes.

In addition to the aforementioned and, on request of the contracting authority, the factories "Tujko beton" can produce concrete of the target characteristics.

You can get all the concrete orders at number 069 / 195-005.