Tujko concrete products

Commercial Company D.O.O. "TUJKO" also deals with the production of concrete blocks according to the prescribed and recommended recipe. The production process is carried out using semi-automatic, vibratory press "Euroblok 6". The capacity of the unit for the production of blocks is 2000 pieces per day, depending on the dimensions of the blocks.
In addition to the production of blocks, it can offer quality concrete curbs in the range of 40x24x18 and 80x24x18, reinforced concrete pipes Ø1000, Ø800, Ø600.

In order to improve the production of concrete products, TUJKO d.o.o. has invested in covering the process of production of concrete haberdashery, and as a result we have a multifunctional hall of 800 m².

The company plans to invest in the innovations of equipment, assets and people in the following period and in that way it will be positioned on the market.