Crushing plant

Company “TUJKO” Ltd. has started its business operations with a small mobile crusher which was serviced by hand. Thanks to constant investment and persistence of the whole company and the owner, today, the company owns a stationary crushing plant, located at the deposit “Rudine”, and manufactured by “Protehnika” Aleksinac.

On the exploitation field “Rudine” - Nalježići which covers an area of 7.53 hectares, the company’s main crushing plant is located, with capacity of 40 m³/h, which produces four fractionated stone granules, in accordance with the standard JUS B.B3.100: 0-4 mm; 4-8 mm; 8-16 mm; 16-31.5 mm, as well as sifted sub-layer material (buffer). The company also owns a fractions regrinding plant which produces 0-4 agregate, with capacity of 25 m³/h.