Quality policy and Companys Certificates

Policy of quality management in “TUJKO” Ltd., is an integral part of business policy. It is based on the achievement and maintenance of quality assurance of products and services and is the basis on which “TUJKO” Ltd. builds its own business success and future growth.
The objectives of our business are based on:
• Satisfying the demands and meeting the expectations of customers.
• Meeting the highest standards regarding our products and services.
• Striving to obtain and maintain permanent presence among the leaders in the domestic market.
• Supporting and stimulating the creativity of employees, their initiatives and responsibility for quality.
• Implementation of education, training and motivation of employees

Highest levels of professionalism regarding the performance of respective duties of all employees in the organization, contribute to achieving the stated objectives. 9001:2008 quality management system allows us to do our job well, always and in any place.

The management of “TUJKO” Ltd. is committed to continuous improvement of the system of environmental protection management in accordance with the requirements of the standard 14001:2004. All employees are committed and work on the prevention and elimination of pollution of the environment and to this end they:
• Identify all the aspects that have or may have an impact on the environment in order to prevent its pollution.
• Perform their duties in accordance with the laws and regulations on environmental protection.
• Define and implement policies to improve the system of environmental protection management.
• Take preventive measures to prevent pollution and continually improve environmental protection system.
• Conserve energy and resources, reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances and handle waste in a controlled manner.
• Consider the opinions and suggestions of all stakeholders, inform them of their own commitment to the protection of the environment.

By establishing, consistent implementation and continuous improvement of the system of management of health and safety at work, “TUJKO” Ltd. provides healthy and safe workplaces and tends to zero level of risk for employees, contractors and visitors.
The target performance of the health and safety at work management system are:
• Zero level of deaths or injuries on work that have resulted in permanent disability.
• Zero level of lost time due to injuries on work.

In order to maintain and continuously improve the health and safety at work management system “TUJKO” Ltd. applies standard ISO 18001:2007 and also valid normative documents.